About Big Tree ™ World Network

Big Tree ™ World is a online network dedicated to technology. Originally a software company, Big Tree World has now expanded to include tech tutorials, blogs, tech support, and more. At Big Tree World, our aim is to provide users with quality free products and services. Big Tree World was created by Rameez M Virji.

Our Products

Big Tree World operates on a mission to provide users with services and products that they can use daily. We like to make life easier for users, and therefore offer products to reflect that vision. For example, all of our software applications are specially designed to work with maximum efficiency, utilizing the least amount of computer resources.

Our Staff

Big Tree World's staff is composed of people who have a great passion for technology. This allows Big Tree World to enjoy a tachnological focus.
Rameez M Virji
At the age of 13, this self-taught web artist had already developed an innovative browser faster than Internet Explorer.

Rameez is currently the President and Founder of Big Tree World, an award winning software company. To add to his outstanding merits in technology, Rameez fueled his passion for physiology with his Shad Valley team and led the creation and the scientific blueprint for a flu vaccine pill.

This patented invention is the world’s first non-invasive vaccine delivery technique, and has the potential to replace needles as the delivery method for other compounds such as insulin.

As the Head of the Science Department for Medicine for a Better Tomorrow, Rameez is driving the next phase in the development and research of the pill. In his spare time, he instructs computer classes for the underprivileged and volunteers his time with local charities and small businesses in his community.

Ali-Faizan Virji
While attending the prestigious Shad Valley Enrichment Program, Ali and his team were given the task to develop a product that would help people with physical disabilities.

Ali, recalling the challenges faced by his grandfather, who is a glaucoma sufferer, led the engineering of a belt that used sensory technology to relay information to the user about their surroundings - an idea that won the team a National Award.

He and his team members worked hard to develop a working prototype that could be produced for less than $50 in order to make it affordable to the 30,000 Canadian and 19 million globally visually impaired children who could benefit from this project.

Ali is also working on a research project on the prevention of alcohol abuse in post-secondary institutions.

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